Sky & Cloud Overlays

- The Purple Collection -

$12.   USD


Introducing The Purple Collection.


Sunrises, sunsets, clouds, and a couple of night skies came together to form this multi-pack.


Whether you’re a photographer needing a fix for a blown-out sky image, or a digital artist needing to blend skies for a composite, this is jam-packed with stunning options to help make your creative visions come to life.


Now go and create some magic! The sky’s the limit! (Also ignore that horrendous pun)! Enjoy!

** Due to the digital nature of this product refunds can not be given. **


The Purple Collection

Beautiful purple-toned skies and clouds!


45 Sky Overlays

Sunrises, Sunsets, Clouds & Night Skies

JPEG Format

High Resolution

I doubt there’s a single person out there, that is honestly surprised that the first Sky Package I release is…dun dada dun… purple! Purple is not only my brand but my favorite color and is the base of all the color tones in my work. I’ve spent months trying to capture gorgeous skies that I would personally use in my own work! I truly hope you get so much use out of them and create some badass art! 

xo Kel